Oct 21, 2011

Here it Comes

It fell into our laps today. The sky cracked open and out spilled lemony sunshine and balmy soft breezes and blue blue blue as far and wide as the eye could see. And I sat and watched you. The both of you. Your bigger hand wrapped around her smaller one, running head long and fast as lightening, into the last days of fall. You ran far and wide and roared your throat hoarse because of course today, you were a lion. And she was too. You hugged the neighbor's cat thinking it looked a little sad today with a "mama, sometimes we all just need a little extra love". You drank water from the hose. You collected acorns and rocks and found a turquoise bead buried in the grass.

And I sat and watched you. And with every spinning second you were growing up right before my eyes. The both of you. And I fell in love all over again with gratitude and humility at being so lucky to be the one to bear witness to this.

4 hands digging in the dirt. 4 hands throwing hedge apples into the road. 4 hands reaching out and hugging each other senseless. 4 hands chasing ladybugs and grasshoppers too slow to escape your enthusiastic grasping. 4 hands humming songs with flying fingers holding golden leaves.

Small but mighty. I see the sheer magnificence of your perfect small selves in these perfect bodies fearlessly tumbling and dancing your way through the world. And I feel this catch in my throat at how today, this day where I get to watch you living out the stories of your lives, fell into our laps. Just like that. Maybe one day when you are both older, I will tell you all about that fall day "when you were 3 and you were almost 2" and how I watched you both bravely and with great delight, set out hand in hand, to concur the world.

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